In addition to several presentations in academic conferences, workshops, symposiums, etc. The Cross Cultural Management Network has published two main outcomes as a result of their first world wide project. 

The first major publication was a book edited by Pablo Cardona and Michael Morley in 2012 titled "Manager-Subordinate Trust: A Global Perspective." The purpose of the book was to analyze the process of trust development between managers and subordinates in different countries of the main cultures of the world. You can find the book in here.

The second major publication of the network was an academic paper published in the journal Personnel Psychology in 2014 titled "Why Do Managers Engage In Trustworthy Behavior? A Multilevel Cross-Cultural Study In 18 Countrie." The purpose of this academic publication was to investigate how subordinates that went the extra mile at work were able to influence their supervisors' trusting attitudes and behaviors towards them. You can find the article in here or here.